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About Us

The Secret behind  " The Essential Secretz Shop"

 Our CEO, Maryssa D. was inspired to create " the essential secretz shop" based on the peaceful memories from her childhood. Growing up she can recall coming home to smell of yankee candles, or in the evenings she would find her mother unwinding in a bubble bath, with candles lit, a glass of wine and a facial mask, can we say in home SPA! Watching her mothers self care routine, eventually developed her love and NEED to bring that same joy into her home as an adult.



She now offers a variety of items such as fragrance filled candles, nourishing whipped body butters, relaxing bath salt, and soooo much more to come !

  The Essential Secretz Shop, is HERE to bring a peaceful, SPA feeling into your home when you purchase ANY of our products, Get ready to relax !


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